The world is full of hopeful idealists who want to change the world. We’re more modest - we only want to change the way you design apps and web pages.

NinjaMock is a small startup based in Denmark, a country famous for its strong attitude towards design and quality. We’re a group of people that have allowed ourselves to transform the many ideas we have into solid action. We’re passionate about what we do and we don’t compromise until you are completely satisfied with our tool.

NinjaMock is completely built and financed by ourselves (thanks to our families with all the support). We also receive help from ambassadors, programmers and friends for which we are extremely thankful.

Most importantly we are thankful for all the great feedback you provide to us and we promise to work hard to to become your preferred app.

Margrethevej 4,1.
2900 Hellerup

The Ninjas


Master the art of business and economics. He’s like the yoda of the ninjas and he lives to spread the ninja story. We can honestly say that James is fast like a ninja - when he’s on his Ducati.


Designer, art director and design manager. Love good artwork and believes that swords are like pencils - nice to have in hand but a bit old school. Has designed and developed ideas for a bunch of companies.


Marketing ninja who challenges the status quo and seeks improvement. With creativity and data as weapons, she is constantly looking for ways to ensure NinjaMock world domination.


The ninja of development who’s not afraid to get his hands all dirty with code. Dani is completely committed to make NinjaMock perfect and will love to hear from you on any new suggestions.


Support and service are top of mind for our ninja customer care person. She never passes an opportunity to ensure helping you fulfilling your tasks.