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Location app for students. Where to go. Customer reviews. Facilities and pricing. With page links.

My CookBook


Food recipes. Get inspiration. Add favorites. Create your own recipes. With page links.

Physics calculator


Physics calculations. Type a value and receive physics results. With page links.

Manage users


Early draft of NinjaMock Project page. How to manage and collaborate. (From a friendly Ninja)

Cloud phone


Access and manage all of your communication from any device. A complete project.

Requisition & procurement


In Spanish. Requisition and procurement web application for businesses. With page links.

Planetarium experience

Browser & Android

In Russian. Information, planning and tickets. Combined mobile app and browser page.



Student carpool registration, trip planning, driver information and payment. With page links.



In Spanish. Using page folders. Acquire, sell and manage bitcoins. With page links.

Sports leaderboard


Sports leaderboard wireframe with dashboard, combine, athletes, divisions and positions.

Real Estate


Manage your financial and contractual information. Search for new properties.



Investment & portfolio control. Market analysis and historic performance. With page links

HR education


Financial HR application for online education. Overview, registration, monitoring and statistics.

Music & events


Music info app for bands, events and merchandise bookings.

Shopping App


Create a shopping app in no time. Use this project as a template and edit to fit your business needs.

Business website


Build your Business website. Display your services or products and tell about your company.

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