Work smarter with a wireframe by getting feedback early on in the design process


At NinjaMock we believe that simple things should be easy to master, while complex activities should still be supported. Evolve your best wireframe designs into complete screen flows while discovering our powerful mockup features for more complex tasks.

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Real-time collaboration is built into the core of NinjaMock. Commenting and external reviewer access are included in every plan. Professional multi-user companies will benefit from the shared project workspace with privileges on folders and projects.

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Make your wireframes and mockups unique by using our vector editor
NinjaMock wireframe editor is sketchy on purpose to make your work easier

Sketchy on purpose

Work smart! It’s inefficient to begin prototyping with realistic elements and high-fidelity design. Having years of design and development experience, we’ve handcrafted the most optimal and efficient wireframe process for you.

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Ninjamock come with all the images and wireframe tools needed for mobile apps or webdesign


NinjaMock delivers all of the typical controls used in mobile apps and web designs. iOS, Android, Windows, Web: we have all you need to start prototyping apps for your mobile device projects.

Design your own vectors with NinjaMocks advanced wireframe editor


NinjaMock is the only online wireframe tool which includes a vector editor. Utilize shapes, curves paths and freehand drawing to quickly visualize anything you can imagine. We also have a rich set of vector icons for your mockups.

Gather feedback from stakeholders early on in the design process using NinjaMock wireframe tool


NinjaMock enables you to easily collect feedback on your wireframe design from anyone. You can keep track of your communication directly within the project. Visual indication of unresolved comments will help you understand how close to completion your work is.

Share your Wireframe or Mockup by printing or exporting to pdf


Want to share your wireframe the traditional way? Export to png, html or pdf, send the document by email or just print it out and bring to the meeting. Our smart visualisation of page links will help you navigate through the flow of your wireframe project even on paper.

Organize your wireframes and mockups and comments with our in-build project management


NinjaMock comes with a cloud-based file system to help you organize your wireframes - put projects into folders and manage access just like you do it on your computer. For individual projects, keep track of the status and unresolved comments.

Review and usability test your wireframe or mockup on any device


With a single click, you can make your wireframes accessible for review and usability testing on any device. You can control which pages in your wireframe project, that are ready to be reviewed and which ones are approved by your reviewers.


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